Sunday, March 29, 2009

A funny thing happened on the way to Home Depot...

I did have the very best of intentions and eventually made it to Home Depot to rent a tiller for my weekend gardening project. What can I say? It made more sense to wait until later in the afternoon to start in on my garden. After all, the hot afternoon sun would be on the opposite end of the house and I might be able to spare myself the repeated coats of sunblock! (by the way, this is me *rationalizing*....bwahaha). Anyway, prior to leaving the house I sat down and checked some neglected emails and what to my wandering eyes should appear?? THIS!!!
from the Merchant Square Antique Marketplace in Chandler, AZ!! So, let's just say I took the very scenic route to Home Depot. : ) Kevan added me to their mailing list (he's such an enabler!) and since he's down at the dunes for a manly weekend with the boys I figured the yard work could wait just a wee bit. I didn't get there until about 11:30. This being my first time I was on complete overload and not familiar with the map of vendors nor the fact that at noon (when it really starts heating up here in AZ) most vendors slash the prices on EVERYTHING by 50%-75%!!! All said and done I walked away with a box FULL of goodies for a grand total of $47.00! I was in collage art HEAVEN!
Not the greatest angle of this place above and you can't see the dozens upon dozens of vendors that wrapped around the building but hey, I'm sure the other drivers on Arizona Ave were appreciative of my lack of attempt to get the perfect shot! Check out some of my AWESOME finds....
Aren't these vintage baby announcements ADORABLE! They had no inscriptions inside which are rare to find.
Here are some vintage Christmas greeting cards. Inscriptions in those but so darn cute!Here are some miscellaneous cards and such. The Joy Coffee card on the upper left actually has a complete mini sewing set attached to the inside. The 3-dimensional Valentines on the bottom were not very old but would be so cool to add to a Valentine project!
Check out that way cool movie ticket stub with the Beech-Nut Gum (was promotional) still attached!
Some miscellaneous vintage post cards....
Some ephemera.... a document from 1874 from the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. Who are the Odd Fellows anyway? I'll have to Google this little mystery.
A Fall 1900 catalog from Sears (reprinted 1970 but still very cool!)
This book is about an inch thick and is chocked full of illustrations and prices that would blow your mind! Did you know you could get a cashmere layette and full length cloak for your little one for a measly 79 cents in 1900? I wonder what the kids of today would think about the attire choices in 1900. heehee! I think I should have this little gem on hand the next time Kaydee whines about the clothes she "wants" to be able to wear. Good grief, I think I just sounded like my own Mom. Where did that come from?
Ok, so this isn't exactly "vintage" per se but none the less an awesome book. Among some slang terms that I've never heard of in my life were also some references to every day things that I had not heard of either. For instance... Do you know what *munster plums* are? POTATOES! Who knew? Not me. Or... the next time I need to correct Kaydee and have to tell her that calling Kaydon *stupid* is just not acceptable I could suggest that she use *mutton-head* in place of *stupid*! Same meaning; but will completely bewilder her younger brother! It sounds nicer too. Dontchathink?
24 vintage Little Golden Books... some dating back to the late 1940s. No UPC symbols on these babies!
And look at this adorable little fabric book! So stinkin' cute! Actually, my best friend Andrea recalls having the same book as a child. I figure since she's waaaay older than I am it has to be really old! bwahahaha! Just kiddin' Andrea xoxo {A little humor}
The illustrations in this little fabric book are just precious!
Some cool vintage bottles.... I'm going to love altering these!
Some vintage jewelry pieces. Absolutely love the little pocket watch pieces!
Some miscellaneous sewing notions & such....
Check out the teensy weensy rick rack! So cute! I know, I'm a bit of a nerd!
Here are some vintage paper dolls with a bit of a story. The very sweet little lady that sold these to me (must have been in her 70s at least) said that a pen pal friend made these for her when she was a child. They are in near perfect condition... well, except for the one missing a head... we'll call her "Marie" (Marie Antoinette? laugh, it's funny!). Anyway, she added fabric and little notions to some when she was a young girl and has had them tucked away for years & years since. This was an amazing find and that little lady was such a sweetheart! It was an honor meeting her and hearing her story!
Tons of vintage 8x10 railroad photos, an old songbook, and a few dozen mini doilies.
Last but not least, this cute little accent lamp. It features a homestead season on each side of the shade. I thought it was cute. Don't you? : )

So, I'm thinking that my little detour en route to Home Depot was more than worth it and just to show that I followed through with my garden project...
It may not be too visible from this pic but my little garden area is now freshly tilled and awaiting rows, a fence, some seeds, and a lot of TLC. I'll save that venture for another blog though. Until next time... CIAO! ; )

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Something tells me we're not in Kansas anymore...

Well, of course we're not but I have to say that I've never seen winds like this here... at least lasting this long! CRAZY! Poor Daisy is not showing her smartest side today. She's chasing everything that has blown through the yard... which by the way is her favorite place to hang out. She's on patrol now and determined to chase and destroy all of the blowing leaves that pose a threat to her family... such a good little watch dog! I won't embarass her by pointing out the lack of threat. It is pretty funny to watch though! This weather is not very pleasing to Kevan; who is trying to finish loading up his gear and head down to the dunes... not too successfully I might add! He's not impressed with Mother Nature's timing in the least. I wonder if the weather in Yuma will be as bad. Hmmm... something tells me he wouldn't appreciate the upside of the situation.... FREE MICRODERM ABRASION!!! Not funny? Ok, I'll be nice. Oh, managed to capture a pic with my phone of Daisy and Gino on a calmer afternoon in the yard. Ain't love grand? Gino's expression is priceless! I've got to do something creative with this one. Well, I can hear Kevan wrestling with the camping gear and he doesn't sound like a happy camper. Bad joke; I know, but couldn't resist! Off to go help! ; ) CIAO!

xxx scrappin'???

Ok, so this little... err... I mean *big* project took some thought. The photo is of my BFF Andrea clinging to... well you can see for yourself... about 20 some odd years ago (wbk-"way before kiddos" and just shy of before we met). I have no idea where or what part of the country (though the rest of the scenery indicates somewhere in the southwest) that she had this taken. Only Andrea would spot something like this from the car. on the roadside. during a road trip. She held on to this picture for all these years but just so happened to leave it here with me prior to her birthday. Coincidence? I think not. I had to work on this secretly.... late night, nap times, during school, behind closed & locked doors... what a CHALLENGE! I can't even tell you how many times my aging memory forgot where I hid this picture in between working on this layout. Trying to spare my young audience still at home as well as sparing myself the game of 20 questions was the utmost priority. So, Andrea got her birthday gift a little late.... well, a lot late but she got it and loved it! I used paper from the DCWV *Rockstar* line ... go figure. I also used the *Static* collection from Crate Paper to add to the layout and embellish here & there. I have to say that overall this WAS fun and I had quite a few laughs as I mustered up the creativity to *rise* to the challenge. If nothing else, someday when her little ones are grown and they think that she could have never in her life had a day of wild abandon or think that she's a hopeless fud she can now *whip out* the proof! Hopefully, this does not offend.... after all, it IS just a rock. Until next time, CIAO! ; )

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Allow me to introduce myself....

Hi, my name is Donna & welcome to my little, creative corner of the world! About me; hmm… I’m a foster/adoptive Mom, contracted by the state to foster medically fragile kiddos. I’ve been blessed with 2 biological kids (22 & 20 y/o), 3 adopted kids (11, 8, & 3 y/o), and have met many courageous little souls along our journey! My life is never perfect, sometimes messy, often crazy-busy, and always entertaining to say the least. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have a super, supportive hubby who is my polar opposite and yet my very best friend. They say “opposites attract” and after 17 ½ years, I’m convinced! I have 2 lazy cats that seem to come to life and like to persistently sit right in front of the computer’s monitor as soon as I sit down to type. I also have 1 hyper dog that proved my longtime statement of “I’ll never be a dog person” to be incorrect. I’m fortunate to have lots of great friends in my life. I’m hopelessly addicted to coffee and Starbucks ranks up there with some of my most favorite places in the world! I love photography, altered art, anything vintage, paper arts, scrapbooking, collage art, distressing projects, and altered books. I love antique windows, antique doors, vintage hardware and am completely intrigued with old farmhouses. I was transplanted here in Arizona from New York by way of New Mexico (spent a few years there). I’m not a desert gal by any means and would love to be back on the east coast with the rest of my family and enjoying the magnificent changing seasons, cultures and the FOOD! My connections are here in the land of SUMMER now though *sniff* and so shall I be. I’m a night person, a huge supporter of our troops, love the beach, am a micro-organizer by OCD standards, a chatterbox (have been told I came from the womb talking), am very sarcastic and a practical joker… pranks run rampant in our household! : ) I’m very excited to be venturing into a new chapter of my life by putting some of my artistic hobbies into motion and opening up shop! : ) Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check back in to see what I’m up to! CIAO!

Friday, March 20, 2009

I'm a BLOGGER : )

Yay! Finally a place of my very own to share my work and connect with my artistic, blogging buddies!Big, HUGE hugs and molto, molto GRATITUDE to Mike P for helping me put this together!!! You totally RAWK as an artist, web-designer, and friend!In the next few days I'll be adding some fun features that will show off some of my work, linking my new Etsy shop, and showing off my inspiration.... *my precious family* so be sure to stop by and visit from time to time. Until next time..... *~*Ciao~*~